Puruma aims to provide a one stop solution for the multidimensional problems faced by new as well as established businesses in India. Our area of expertise includes:

Any organisation’s long-term growth hinges on two prime factors- the best suited strategy and backing it up with right amount of efforts. The dynamic nature of economic and policy landscape implies the growth strategy needs to continuously evolve and realign itself in the desired direction. Puruma helps the organisations to pivot successfully from revenue stagnation to value-generating growth.

Puruma brings on the table stalwarts from industries, legal domain and public administration with over 30 years of experience. We leverage a rich and unique understanding of policies, strategy, operations and underlying drivers of growth, which helps our clients achieve breakthrough results. Through outcome-oriented approach, we help our clients to develop winning strategies, deliver real-world results and sustain double-digit growth.

Business Development

At Puruma, we leverage a rich understanding of underlying factors of growth and incorporate creativity with the expertise to help our clients chart a path to breakthrough growth.
The dynamic nature of economic and policy landscape implies the growth strategy needs to continuously evolve and realign itself in the desired direction. Puruma helps the organisations to pivot successfully from revenue stagnation to value-generating growth. Our expertise in business development backed by the involvement of former bureaucrats and policymakers aims to help our clients crack tough deals and capitalise on business opportunities.

Skill Development

“Taken as a whole, a vocation or vocations are the best medium for all-round development of a boy or a girl and, therefore, the syllabus should be woven around vocational training, primary education thus conceived as a whole is bound to be self-supporting…”. –Mahatma Gandhi

Skilling is building a better India. If we have to move India towards development then Skill Development should be our mission. –Shri Narendra Modi

India is one of the youngest nations in the world, with more than 54% of the total population below 25 years of age and over 62% of the population in the working-age group (15-59 years). The countries population pyramid is expected to bulge across the 15–59 age group over the next decade. This demographic advantage is predicted to last only until 2040. India, therefore, has a very narrow timeframe to harness its demographic dividend and to overcome its skill shortages.

India currently faces a severe shortage of well-trained, skilled workers. It is estimated that only 2.3% of the workforce in India has undergone formal skill training as compared to 68% in the UK, 75% in Germany, 52% in the USA, 80% in Japan and 96% in South Korea. Large sections of the and educated workforce have little or no job skills, making them largely unemployable. Therefore, India must focus on scaling up skill training efforts to meet the demands of employers and drive economic growth.

We, at Puruma, aim for the holistic development of the skill development and entrepreneurial ecosystem through backward and forward linkages, providing a suite of service to cater to all the needs of a skilling aspirant viz. skilling, upskilling, re-skilling, industry-relevant learnings, counselling and placements.

Puruma aims to augment the economy and societies across the geographical expanse of the nation by facilitating industry-relevant skill development, promoting self-reliance through re-learning and upskilling, promotion of social entrepreneurship, business development and growth while simultaneously helping tackle operational and administrative roadblocks.

Shri Sanjay Kumar with The Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi

Puruma envisions to empower the Indian skill ecosystem with its output-oriented approach which will make the Indian youth productive, responsible, skilful and employable.

Strategy and Growth Consulting

“Change is the only constant”
In an ever-changing political and economic scenario, firms must have a robust growth-oriented strategy in place. Globalisation has led to interlinkages that have created unprecedented interdependencies among businesses, consumers and policy drivers. To beat such uncertainties, Puruma prioritises strategies that can compete across and adapt to dynamic environments. We incorporate a blend of the traditional approach and modern techniques which helps our clients plan sustained long-term growth.

Problem Resolution

Closing a deal successfully in public and private sector requires an in-depth understanding of policies, laws, rules & regulations, eligibility criteria etc. Similarly, countless laws and numerous rules and regulations at the federal, provincial and local level often lead to a perplexing situation for businesses. This results in undesirable delays, unintentional violations of laws and adverse impact on business development and growth, all of which increase the financial and administrative burden for businesses. Such a situation drives away investment, both local and foreign.
Value-generating growth demands rigorous analysis, committed leadership and investing in the right set of capabilities. At Puruma, we bring on the table a rich mix of policy-makers, technocrats, legal luminaries and industry experts who are dedicated to addressing client problems through expertise, innovation and creativity.

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