Puruma Advisory Pvt. Ltd. was started in the year 2013 with the vision to develop an ecosystem conducive for businesses. Puruma augments the businesses across the geographical expanse of the nation by facilitating business development and growth while simultaneously helping tackle operational and administrative roadblocks.

Closing a deal successfully in public and private sector requires in-depth understanding of policies, laws, rules & regulations, eligibility criteria etc. Similarly, countless laws and numerous rules and regulations at federal, provincial and local level often lead to a perplexing situation for businesses. This results into undesirable delays, unintentional violations of laws and adverse impact on business development and growth, all of which increase the financial and administrative burden for businesses. Such a situation drives away investment, both local and foreign.

Shri. Sanjay Kumar

With the ultimate goal of promoting ease of doing business, Puruma was conceived under the leadership of Shri. Sanjay Kumar, I.P.S. (Retd.), who has served as Director General with Centre and State governments in his illustrious career. Our network of field and policy experts include former bureaucrats, technocrats, legal luminaries, academicians and policymakers, who have been brought together on this platform under the guidance of Mr. Kumar. This dynamic mix provides powerful and efficient capabilities that help our clients seize opportunities.

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